What is a chatbot for?

In concrete terms, what is the use of a chatbot for a company?

What is a chatbot?

In order to set the scene, we may need to define what a chatbot is… I refer you to our article “Definition of a chatbot”, here. Or to the wikipedia article on the subject (the paragraph “Commercial applications” will be of particular interest to you).

What tasks can be automated with an enterprise chatbot?

Installing a chatbot on Facebook Workplace is quite simple. Just create a new custom integration, fill in a few fields in a savvy fashion, and copy/paste the app ID and app secret into Vizir.

Let’s go to see the details of all this.

Why use a chatbot?

Here again, the answer to this question would deserve a development of several pages. But let’s keep it short. In short, here’s why it’s worth using a chatbot in business:

  • Save time (and money…) by greatly reducing the volume of requests to your IT support / customer support / HR teams, etc…
  • Make your employees/customers autonomous for recurring requests/questions

  • Collect data in a more qualitative way than through the usual channels

  • Facilitate access to your company’sknowledge, even if it is scattered across several non-uniform bases

  • Facilitate the adoption of a new tool

  • Automate your processes

  • Centralize your processes

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