Optimize your recruitment funel with a chatbot

An HR chatbot to automate the screening of candidates will usually be implemented on the company’s career site. This chatbot is there to sort applications, according to certain criteria specific to each position. The mission of the chatbot is purely operational. The final choice will be up to the recruiter.


How to use a chatbot to optimize the recruitment process?

The chatbot will ask a series of questions to the candidates, then direct them to different actions.

First of all, it will be possible for the chatbot to select the most relevant job offers with respect to the candidate’s profile.

Then, this candidate will have the opportunity to apply directly for the offer of his choice via the chatbot.

Finally, a first pre-selection phase can be carried out by the chatbot. The chatbot will check the suitability of the candidate with the criteria required by the position. He may also invite the candidate to take a deferred video interview or a specific test.

This type of chatbot brings many advantages. The candidate will be offered an offer more suited to him, and finally it allows the recruiter to receive a candidate more suited to the offer.

1. An offer more suited to the candidate

It is possible in this sense to imagine different very interesting features of such a chatbot:

  • advise the candidate in a network approach (add the right people,
  • follow the business pages best suited to their career path),
  • offer personalized job offers,
  • advise the candidate on people to contact (alumni, people who have worked in the company, etc.).

La Poste was able to install a chatbot La Poste is recruiting . The candidate answers simple questions. A candidate file is created and the chatbot sends offers based on this file.

As we can see, the process is quite short and not extensive. Yet this already gives a more innovative image of the company. This chatbot also facilitates the job search for the candidate. If no result is found, an alert system is set up.

An HR chatbot allows companies to do without CVs. For McDonald’s, which recruits more than 40,000 people a year, this was a welcome point. Profiles were compared on the basis of a conversation and huge online forms could be put aside.

Such a chatbot for the candidate is also the possibility of being able to apply quickly, on his mobile, knowing if the position really suits him. It allows a considerable improvement of the talent experience. The exchange is direct and unfiltered with the company.

2. A candidate more suited to the offer

On the business side, the chatbot will make it possible to automate a large number of tasks: information on the available offers corresponding to the candidate, communication on the corporate culture as well as on the recruitment process, follow-up of applications, general communication such as subscription proposals to the company page…

The first advantage for the recruiter is to be able to convey, through this chatbot, the culture of the company.

The candidate will be able to appreciate the atmosphere and the values of the company. This is how 3x consultants was able to set up a chatbot with a light tone.

The questions asked revolve around the atmosphere of a classic day in the company: “It’s already noon… What have you planned?”, with the choice of answer “a sports session”, “a meal with colleagues”, “I’m going home”.
A flawless course allows you to have the link of the company’s career page.

By knowing the corporate culture, the candidate will be more prepared for the physical interview. He will know which aspects of his personality to highlight, which skills are essential, in order to appear suitable for the offer.

Some HR chatbots even do candidate coaching. This was the case of the Mazars chatbot, SAM. It offered interview coaching to properly prepare the candidate, as well as an FAQ and a selection of offers.


An HR chatbot can therefore be useful at different levels of pre-selection. Beyond simply saving time by automating certain tasks , this type of chatbot will bring real added value to your recruitment process.

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