5 chatbot use cases to optimize your business


I will present in this article the different ways to optimize trades with a chatbot.

A chatbot can be used for three main families of use cases:

Business chatbots: which aim to automate business processes. These chatbots will be able to perform tasks with low added value, which will allow a reduction in the workload of certain workers.

Personal assistant chatbots : they aim to assist your daily life. They respond to simple queries. We can give as an example google home or alexa.

Media and communication chatbots: their objective is to allow access to content from instant messaging. Jam and Techcrunch fall into this category.


Here, we focus on business chatbots.
45% of all work-related tasks can be automated using existing technology.
Several examples of business chatbot can be given:


1. A chatbot for human resources

2. A chatbot for customer service

3. A chatbot for the supply chain

4. A legal chatbot

5. A chatbot for the IT department

6. Closing

1. A chatbot for human resources

A chatbot can be very useful in the human resources sector.

We can clearly identify three main uses:

  • Pre- selection : The chatbot does an initial sorting of applications. Indeed, we can see that 75% of candidates are not properly qualified for the job for which they are applying.

  • Employee training and development: the chatbot then acts as an advisor.

  • Human resources : the chatbot performs tasks usually done by human resources managers. This is the management of requests for documentation, requests for personal information and updating them, basic requests such as sick leave, holidays, it is also possible to leave comments and criticisms.


  • Maya : automates recruitment steps
  • Wade & Wendy : assistance with recruitment and development of employees.

2. A chatbot for customer service

According to the Gartner Predict report, in 2020, 85% of communications between customers and businesses will take place without the intervention of a human being.

The chatbot therefore stands out as an emerging channel, which is particularly satisfying. Indeed, the latter makes it possible to automate customer service: These are the same questions that are asked of customer service 80% of the time.

The chatbot knows the customer’s situation in advance, in order to allow a personalized response but also to avoid the customer having to completely explain their situation to a different person each time. The customer experience is therefore considerably improved. A chatbot can even help you analyze your database by collecting and organizing originally unstructured data.

It will also significantly reduce the workload of telephone customer service.

Businesses save up to 29% on customer service by using chatbots, according to McKinsey.


  • Rodgers Wireless : 60% improvement in customer service.
  • Globe telecom : a facebook chatbot has led to a 22% increase in customer satisfaction and a 50% decrease in call volume.

3. A chatbot for the supply chain

The chatbots in the chatbot supply are ideal tools to have an efficient database available at all times. As with other use cases, this is about automating time-consuming and low value-added tasks. For example, we can automate:

  • supplier evaluation requests: to ensure that this supplier complies with group policy.
  • processing user requests
  • Integration of data from the basic information system: it will thus be easier to find a supplier with whom you have already worked, for example.
  • The generation of contracts.

Some even believe in “predictive procurement”. The chatbot could then intelligently classify suppliers, provide predictive shopping carts, predict expenses based on data internal and external to the IS.

Example :

  • Requisition bot : assists buyers in their daily tasks.
  • Synertradre : their chatbot is able to provide answers to questions asked by buyers on a daily basis.

4. A legal chatbot

Legaltech is a very present topic in the legal world at the moment. When you write contracts, you quickly realize that there is a fixed part and a variable part.

To take the example of the employment contract, there is a basic model. The simple answer to a standard questionnaire (form) then makes it possible to fill in the variable part. Several types of contract are already made in this way, such as company contracts, employee status, loan contracts, subscription contracts, etc.

A chatbot can do this job more lucratively. Thus the work of the lawyer will be lightened and he will be able to concentrate on the more complex part of a contract.

Example :

  • Yperlex : Liza, a chatbot that gives legal advice.
  • EDF : a chatbot answers recurring legal questions from operational staff and offers contractual frameworks.

5. Chatbot for the IT department

A very fashionable use case at the moment, the chatbot is gradually becoming an essential element for all CIOs. Whether for analysis, maintenance, forecasting, optimization or administration, the chatbot has demonstrated its usefulness and efficiency.

Appreciated by workers who find an available, responsive and efficient assistant at their service, the chatbot will be just as appreciated by the CIO, who will thus be able to reduce costs while having an innovative corporate image.


  • X.ai : this is an assistant that schedules appointments
  • RossIntelligence : a chatbot that does legal research for law firms.

More details on the opportunities for innovation and digitalization offered by a chatbot here .

Conclusion :

All these use cases are just a glimpse of the new possibilities offered by the use of chatbots.

All allow automation of the most repetitive tasks and thus your employees can concentrate on tasks with real added value.

You can also download this article in PDF here.

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