Each chatbot is unique. Although some have the same goal, they rarely have the same methods to get you there. Just like a human, each chatbot has its own characteristics. 


  1. Aloha
  2. Randy
  3. Mya
  4. Talmundo
  5. 3x consultant
  6. Conclusion

1. Aloha, the adecco robot.

The primary function of this chatbot is to the job search. It is possible to ask him directly in natural language if there is such and such a position in such and such a sector and in such and such a place. Otherwise, there is also a  guided search : the chatbot asks us the sector, the type of contract we are looking for, a keyword and the city we want. After that, the chatbot proposes us the corresponding offers. 

The chatbot can also answer other practical questions such as finding an agency, a lost password, or a question about a housing or financial benefit. For example, if we ask him for a professional training, he will direct us to the list of available trainings. Again, even for the FAQ, there is a choice between a natural language or a Guided FAQ

Aloha is available on Messenger, on smartphone or google home, as well as on the website adecco.fr.

Chatbot from Adecco

2. Randy, the Randstad chatbot specialized in pre-selection.

randy pre-selection
chatbot Randstad

Voted chatbot of the year at the 2018 Social Media Grand Prize, Randy is now rolling out nationally. Considered as one of the most successful recruitment chatbots, Randy focuses on  three missions: helping to prepare the application, referral to Randstad advisors and the preparation of a professional profile.

It collects a lot of information about you such as the position you are looking for, the location you are looking for, the type of contract … Thanks to this information, it will select a few offers that correspond to your search. It then invites you to apply for the position by asking you for information that makes up your candidate profile, such as your experience, address, telephone number, etc. Through this process, Randy offers a rather fluid and logical experience, concluding with the sending of the application.

It is also possible that Randy offers you to spend personality tests and/or job tests. Of course, these tests are not the same as a real interview, and a human will always be there for the rest of the recruitment process.

Following the interaction, a “score” not visible to the candidate is given, based on urgency criteria and current job needs. The pre-selected profiles are sent to the consultants who contact them within 48 hours. 

Chatbot Randstad

3. At l’Oreal, Mya is in charge of recruitment

The L’Oreal group, present in 130 countries, world leader in beauty, obviously attracts many candidates. They started with an observation: 2 million applications are collected. However, only 5,000 people are hired each year and many applications remain unanswered.

The problem is that candidates are very often clients of L’Oréal. Improving the experience for them has therefore become a necessity. 

The chatbot Mya was the answer to this problem. Mya is used as a tool for filtering, sorting and redirection. Indeed, if a candidate applies for a position that does not really suit him, he will be redirected to other offers. 

4. Talmundo, BNP Paribas Fortis improves onboarding

Eva, Talmundo’s HR chatbot, takes care of improving the onboarding of new recruits. BNP Paribas Fortis has opted for this solution.  

Thanks to Talmundo, employees have answers to their many questions. In the past, when they had a question, they were invited to look for the answer on the intranet: a more complicated and often inefficient solution.

The integration of employees is improved, as well as the corporate culture.

It was developed by HR managers and employees together. This allows for a better use of the solution by the employees, who really understand how it works.

Chatbot Talmundo

5. Recruitment chatbot  3x consultant

Chatbot 3x consultants

Already mentioned in another article, this chatbot HR stands out by its primary goal: The highlighting of their company culture.

This chatbot will not ask you questions about your skills or even basic questions about your profile. It is there exclusively to propose a innovative and fun experience for candidates.

This chatbot will take you through a working day in the company. Each step will be punctuated by your choices. Do you prefer to go straight to work in the morning or bring croissants to the whole team? Of course, there is a right way. If you follow the latter the chatbot will eventually direct you to  the different offers of 3x consultant.


Pre-screening seems to be the most common use case for HR chatbots. However, there are a multitude of other possible uses. Each company, depending on its purpose, must find a suitable use case. What is really important? Reduce the workload caused by employee screening? Promoting a corporate culture? Improve the efficiency of new recruits? 

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