As the world leader in ITSM tools, ServiceNow can also handle all your business software.

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ServiceNow is the leader in ITSM tools.

Initially designed to digitize and unite all IT services in a single tool, ServiceNow now covers all business needs: HR, CRM, Contract Management, Asset Management, Financial Management, Change Management, CMDB…

ServiceNow is a very powerful tool, but can be difficult to learn for employees who use ServiceNow only for their IT support requests. It is possible to streamline the employee experience by integrating a chatbot with ServiceNow, but also by allowing ServiceNow to easily interface with other applications and automate your processes.

Integrate your chatbot with Service Now

Learn about the different integrations possible between Service Now and Vizir

Allow autonomous problem solving (FAQ, password reboot, creation of a guest Wifi access…), and route to an agent (livechat or ticket) if the problem persists.

An easy and agile implementation of the chatbot: choose the perimeter of people who can access the chatbot, define the skills to be treated first. You can modify the chatbot’s scope according to your needs and at your own speed. No need to know how to code.

Easily create a ticket, check its status, modify a request in one sentence. Save time and experience for your collaborator.

Automate the technical management of an employee’s arrival, transfer or departure: authorizations, IT package, device, car…

Popular Action with Service Now

Find the most frequent actions to perform from your chatbot Vizir on Service Now

The available API POST actions
  • Create a ticket
  • Modify a ticket
  • Get a password reset link
  • Stand-alone VPN resolution
  • Stand-alone meeting room resolution
  • Printer stand-alone resolution
GET API searches
  • View the status of a ticket
  • View ticket information
  • Search the knowledge base
  • See an ALS
  • Search a list of tickets by user
  • Search a list of tickets processed by an operator
  • Search a ticket list by date

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