Salesforce is the best-known and most widely used CRM (Customer Relationship Management) company on the market.

Connect your chatbot to Salesforce

Discover the power of a chatbot integrated with your Salesforce

Salesforce enables you to manage the entire customer lifecycle from sales, marketing, and service to billing.

The world’s leading CRM software company, Salesforce is a pioneer of cloud computing and the subscription-based payment model. Its main strength lies in the centralization on a single platform of almost all the businesses that interact with customers.

The American company that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019 is now a software behemoth with countless customization options. This can also be its weakness: the more complex the company is with a history, the more difficult it is for employees to get to grips with the software intuitively and to access the right information quickly and easily.

Ehat about improving the employee experience with a chatbot?

An example of a use case: a chatbot that allows Salesforce users to quickly retrieve information such as “Did EDF pay the bill dated 05/03/2020?”, “How many deals did I make this month?”

Or managing Salesforce credentials by automating certain repetitive and worthless tasks via a bot – including automating account management. Example: “Can you create new Salesforce access for the new intern? With the same permissions as Julie Vincent.” The bot can be able to give the authorizations automatically and also know if the requesting person is authorized to make this request. You can get an idea of use cases here

A final use case could be to reduce Salesforce Cloud Service support tickets: an automated BUT personalized response to recurring questions. For example, the customer asks in the chatbot: “How can I see the status of my order?” and the bot can automatically answer “Your order N°[n° de commande] is being shipped. You must receive it on [date] at the relay point [nom du point relais] [adresse du point relais]. To track your package in real time, enter your order number on the following link: [lien])

Integrate your chatbot with Salesforce

Discover the different integrations possible between Salesforce and Vizir

Thanks to Salesforce’s APIs, the Vizir chatbot can access the software’s data in a completely secure way.

The users, according to their authorization perimeter, can carry out actions in an autonomous way: it is what we call SelfCare.

Here are the scopes that a chatbot integrated into Salesforce could automate:

  • SelfCare: Allow the user to solve his own problem, which is usually an information problem or a modification request in the CRM. This is what relieves the burden on the Support or After Sales Service.
  • Automated contract creation: The customer can pre-fill a contract, modify a contract, update it. You focus on what is valuable: the customer relationship.
  • Automation of the creation of authorizations: we can automatically create authorizations according to the position, the department and the hierarchy level. Or more simply by “copying” existing users.
  • Data query in a more intuitive way: The bot can search for specific information such as the status of an invoice, the number of deals signed by a salesperson or the follow-up of an order.
  • Automation of pre-defined actions: launch a reminder.
Here’s what a Vizier chatbot connected to Salesforce could do for you:
  • Limit the number of tickets by proposing an autonomous resolution by the user
  • Retrieve data such as the status of an invoice, the number of deals signed by a salesperson, and the follow-up of an order.
  • Automatically reset a password
  • Manage authorizations: automatically create authorizations for a new employee, delete accesses for an outgoing employee, create a request to modify authorizations to the right support address.

Popular action with Salesforce

Find the most frequent actions to perform from your chatbot Vizir on Salesforce

The available API POST actions
  • Add a new contact in Salesforce
  • Add a new deal in Salesforce
  • Modify an existing deal in Salesforce
GET API searches
  • Track the status of an order
  • Find a purchase order number
  • Find specific information such as: the number of deals last month

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