Qualiparc is the ITASM solution developed by the outsourcing company Métaline.

Connect your chatbot to Qualiparc

Discover the power of a chatbot integrated to Qualiparc

Since 1993, Qualiparc.net by Metaline has been assisting companies in the management of their parks and the associated support actions: www.qualiparc.net

Now owned by METALINE, this suite has undergone numerous evolutions and now includes a connection with the Vizir chatbots.

The Qualiparc.net by METALINE solution is composed of the following modules:

  • Qualiparc: for the management of the service catalog and the life cycle of your assets
  • Qualidesk: for the management of incidents, requests and changes
  • Mobility: application for the management and dynamic follow-up of inventories and stocks

Why combine a chatbot with the Qualiparc.net by METALINE solution?

The requests of the Qualiparc.net user will be understood by the chatbot Vizir which will play the role of an assistant in order to bring him THE right answer:

  • Opening an incident on a software,
  • Open a service offering for new entrants,
  • Request a password reset,
  • Create a pre-filled purchase requisition.

Moreover, the link between the Vizir solution and Qualiparc.net will allow you to see the impact of an element on the other objects of your park.

Speed and quality of response are the pillars of customer service, and that’s what this combination offers. Vizir’s natural language understanding algorithms coupled with the Livechat option to notify an advisor when there are no predefined answers (or in case of a complex problem) make it possible to combine these two differentiating factors: effectiveness and speed or efficiency and fluidity of the end-user’s journey.

Starting from your service catalog or from an incident, this global solution will accompany you!

Integrate your chatbot to Qualiparc

Discover the different possible integrations between Qualiparc and Vizir

Manage your IT incidents without the need for training: create a ticket, know the status of a ticket, its list of tickets and attached documents (e.g. screenshots). All this quickly and in natural language!

Retrieve information (his hierarchy, the stock of papers, where to find a spare computer, the information of a software, the address of a broken printer…)

Save time for mobile agents: agents can create, delete, modify, close a ticket via a chatbot in Teams. But also make purchase requests, check the stock of a supply

Update elements in real time: contact details of a user, its location, a broken printer, declare an out-of-stock condition, update a delivery time …

Simplify and modify procedures in a few clicks: purchase procedure, add a delivery address for telecommuting.

Do a computer maintenance push or software bug. This helps to relieve the IT support for the same incident.

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