The flagship professional messaging software of the Office 365 suite. Outlook combines email, calendar and contact book in the same tool.

Connect your chatbot to Outlook

Discover the power of a chatbot integrated to Outlook

Outlook, the Office 365 suite’s professional messaging solution, combines email, online calendar and contact management. Synchronized on all your devices: computers, phones and tablets.


Like all email, Outlook allows you to send/receive/file emails, add an attachment (on the computer or in the OneDrive) and a search bar to retrieve an old conversation.

It is also highly secure: spam, malware, cyber attacks. Companies are the first target of cyber attacks, it is important to protect your email.

The little extras:
  • Mail confidentiality: normal, personal, confidential…
  • The signature, acknowledgement of receipt and confirmation of reading
  • The ability to create email templates
  • Insight: allowing you to obtain statistics on your emails sent to more than 5 people and being in the same company as you.
  • Option of automatic translation of your mails
Calendar management:

Essential to plan meetings in person or on Teams, your calendar can also be used to better manage your time and increase your productivity (Insight too). Outlook can even give you tips and facilitate better organization such as reserving a time slot for a task that requires concentration.

As with other messaging systems, it is possible to invite several people, to access the agenda of another person in your organization, to choose whether or not to make the contents of the agenda visible, to repeat the meeting every day, every week etc.

The contact book:

More than your digital contact book, you have the possibility with Outlook to create contact lists and retrieve lists via Sharepoint sites.

Integrate your chatbot with Outlook

Discover the different possible integrations between Outlook and Vizir

Few people have explored the full range of Outlook features, so full of possibilities.  In order to give you some ideas, here are a few use cases. Do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas and requests, it is quite possible that your wish will come true.

The first utility of having a chatbot is change management. Many of your users have questions about the use of outlook itself: how to send an email to several people, create a recurring event, create a mailing list, set reminders…

The chatbot is used for support services, gain in productivity by gathering all your actions on the same tool:
  • Rather than changing tool for each different action, your advisor can in the chatbot both send a ticket in ServiceNow, an appointment by outlook calendar and a report of the request by email.
  • View the agenda of nearby technicians (it is possible to limit the visibility according to your needs. For example: at d+7, d+30 …)
  • Create via chatbot an appointment with a technician and send the necessary e-mail invitations.
  • Modify or Cancel an appointment because the problem has finally been solved without customer support intervention.
  • Retrieve information from an email from the same company via 0Auth or Azure (first name, last name, phone …).
You use Outlook Calendar to manage your rooms:
  • See the free slots of the meeting rooms
  • See who booked the room
  • Delete your room reservation
  • Make a room reservation

Other cases of general use:
  • Sending a mail to a contact group/contact list (an information request for example). The chatbot is interesting to structure the mail and to be sure that the user gives all the necessary information for your service to process his request (and thus avoid round trips).
  • Add an email to a mailing list (on project updates for example)
  • Setting up a reminder (for example, if your chatbot is used as a personal assistant and improve your productivity) and the Vizir voice option further enriches the collaborative experience.
  • Search for an e-mail
  • Get statistics on the number of views of an email.

Popular actions with Outlook

Find the most frequent actions to perform from your Vizir chatbot on Outlook

The POST API actions available in Outlook
  • Create and send an email
  • Forward an email
    Move an email to a folder
  • Search for an email
  • Create an event
  • Delete an event
  • Modify the date and time of an event
  • Modify the content of an event
  • Add a participant to an event
  • Delete an event participant
  • Add / delete a contact in a list
  • Create / delete a list
GET API searches available in Outlook
  • View an agenda for a given period (day, week, month…)
  • See the participants of an event
  • See the content of an event
  • See the number of contacts in a list