Install your chatbot on Microsoft Teams

Leverage the power of Microsoft Teams to save your business teams time while providing exceptional internal support.

Secure installation

Install your chatbot on Microsoft Teams in 2 clicks

Microsoft Teams is the solution most used by our customers. By dint of installing chatbots on this platform, we have become experts. So much so that installing a chatbot on Microsoft Teams has never been easier than with Vizir!

Optimal adoption

Pin your chatbot to the sidebar for optimal adoption

Vizir allows you to pin the chatbot to the sidebar of the Teams app for all or part of the company. Your chatbot then sends an initial welcome message to your employees, who respond in more than 20% of cases.

The real companion

Send push messages on Microsoft Teams, read more than 90% of the time

With Microsoft Teams, you can send push messages to your collaborators to accompany them on your internal topics. A real companion that brings constant value, that’s a chatbot!

How to install a chatbot on Microsoft teams?

Discover our procedure to install
your chatbot on Microsoft Teams securely

Installing your chatbot on Microsoft Teams is the key to your chatbot’s success. And we make it easy for you to do so.

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