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The flagship tool of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, Sharepoint wants to revolutionize (and more importantly, replace) the old intranets.

What is an intranet?

According to Wikipedia it is the private computer network of your company which uses the same techniques as the Internet. If you still don’t understand what an intranet is: the home page that groups all the tools used by your company. (This is a very, very short summary…)

Sharepoint wants to replace and simplify the management of these intranets which, it must be said, were often 10 years (minimum) behind their time. For your company’s technical team: no need to maintain it, it’s easy to set up and customize. For users, beyond being more modern and ergonomic, the ability to create workspaces by team/business/division allows for a more efficient way to share information.

But then, what’s the point of connecting your chatbot with Sharepoint?

  • It is possible to integrate the chatbot in Sharepoint. Just as it is possible to integrate it in Teams or on a web page. In order for your chatbot to be known AND used, it is important to put it in a page that is regularly consulted by your collaborators. And what could be better than Sharepoint?
  • From your chatbot, retrieve all the documents present in your Sharepoint: consult/redirect them to the resource, download them, modify them or copy/paste them from one place to another.

Of course, these actions are not to be done for all documents, but for example to be able to keep on its own workspace a document made for this use as an article or administrative document, health, legal…

We will see in Integrations the possible use cases.

Integrate your chatbot with Sharepoint

Discover the different possible integrations between Sharepoint and Vizir

Integrating a Vizir chatbot to Sharepoint can give as many chatbots and use cases as there are project managers. It is important to distinguish between publishing the chatbot on Sharepoint and using Sharepoint elements in the chatbot.

We have listed four main interactions between the Vizir chatbot and Sharepoint:

  • Publish your chatbot in a Sharepoint site
  • Accompany your users to the use of Sharepoint and relieve your support department (e.g. how to create a team site)
  • Knowledge Management: enrich the knowledge base of a team or a project and be able to redirect to the right resource whatever its support (Sharepoint, OneDrive, Video…).
  • Trigger actions in Sharepoint via the chatbot (e.g.: search for a document, and copy/paste it into the team’s site)

Publishing your chatbot in Sharepoint allows the chatbot to be known and used by your employees. It is important when you start a chatbot project that it is on a page used by everyone. We also have the ability to integrate the chatbot into Teams.

Support for change

How to use Sharepoint? How do I invite my team into the workspace? Can a consultant access the Sharepoint workspace? They will be able to ask their questions in natural language. What if the chatbot doesn’t find the answer? After 3 misunderstandings from the conversational agent, a support consultant can take over thanks to a notification . This will undeniably relieve your support department and allow you to treat your employees’ problems in parallel rather than one after the other.

Knowledge Management

Retrieve useful information on several different media (Word, Excel, photo, videos) hosted on several platforms (Sharepoint, OneDrive, the FAQ of the ticketing tool, Youtube/dailymotion, Loom…). This is especially useful if you are making a chatbot about a business or a project. This avoids answering the same questions that take up 20% of your time. Keep a documented and enriched base to onboard new actors and not lose the knowledge of those who have left.

Here are some examples of integrations between a Vizir chatbot and your Sharepoint:
  • Finding information across Sharepoint sites: what are all the QWL workspaces? What is the latest news from the marketing department, consult the statistics of a Sharepoint site, etc…
  • Copy a document found in the chatbot into your own workspace. This can be a time and productivity saver.
  • Create and modify information: a news publication, a document (Word, PowerPoint, Excel…), send an email to all members of a workspace. With the chatbot you can create a voice note that will be transformed into a written note in your notepad.
  • Answer questions about using Sharepoint
  • Knowledge Management: centralize and redirect to different types of media
  • Quick and personalized search: find a document, the latest news
  • Quickly create a news post, a message in a conversation

Popular action with Sharepoint

Find the most frequent actions to perform from your chatbot Vizir on SharePoint

POST API actions available on Sharepoint
  • Create a file (document, notepad)
  • Create a conversation
  • Create a folder
  • Copy a file
  • Modify a file
  • Delete a file
  • Add a new member
  • Remove a member
  • Create a news publication
  • Create a document library
  • Download a document
  • Download a document in pdf format
GET API searches available on SharePoint
  • Search for a document by key words
  • View the latest news posts of a site
  • Search for a site
  • Search a document by date
  • Retrieve statistics from a site
  • Consult the list of the last modifications of a document
  • Consult the statistics of a document (e.g. number of views)

Documentation to connect Vizir and SharePoint

Our experts explain everything step by step

You want to install your chatbot Vizir in Sharepoint? Find in our help center the step-by-step guide to achieve the integration without our help.

If you want to go further, here is some information:

The Vizir extension consists of a file contained in the file vizir-extension-spfx.sppkg and can be installed on all pages of a SharePoint site.


  • The extension only works on SharePoint Online
  • You must be a SharePoint administrator to install the application

See the step-by-step guide to sharing your chatbot in a Sharepoint site

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