Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s customer relationship management tool. Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you use the power and agility of the cloud.

Connect your chatbot to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Discover the power of a chatbot integrated to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

A Microsoft tool for Customer Relationship Management (more commonly known as CRM), Dynamics 365, like all CRMs on the market, has modules for sales, marketing, project management and customer service.

The particularities of Dynamics are on 3 levels:

  • A Cloud offer that allows agile deployment and regular updates of all modules (thus also more security).
  • A complete integration with all the other Microsoft tools: the famous office suite, but also tools such as PowerBI necessary for forecasting. Dynamics being very Data oriented, what could be more practical than having fine data directly in Excel?
  • A billing by module: you only pay for what you need.

With a sweet refreshing of the Microsoft branding with 365, Dynamics has a modern interface and is easy to use.

Integrate your chatbot with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Discover the different possible integrations between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Vizir

Use cases of a chatbot integrated into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM selected by Vizir:

  • A chatbot to automate lead generation: retrieve Dynamics product sheets, create and send a quote + creation of a prospect sheet and addition to a newsletter.
  • Keep your team regularly informed on current deals: send a message on Teams every week on the sales and marketing performance of the previous week.
  • Update a powerpoint or an excel with the financial data of the previous month.
    “create a new order: the company Total tour Coupole defense tower, legal department needs 500 pencils reference 145632 Date: today. Contact:”

Popular actions with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Find the most frequent actions to perform from your Vizir chatbot on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Available POST API actions
  • Create a new contact in the newsletter
  • Create a new contact in the prospect list
  • See or download a commercial documentation: brochure, white paper…
  • See a product sheet
  • See the price of a product according to certain criteria (ex: size of the company, quantity…)
  • Automatically create and send a quote according to certain criteria (e.g. delivery location, quantity, etc.)
GET API research 
  • See the information of a prospect, customer, competitor
  • View last month’s opportunity information
  • Compare the amount of all quotes for the month from N to N-1
  • Compare the amount of all invoices for the month to objectives
  • Retrieve commercial data (invoice amount, estimate, order, number of new prospects, etc.)
  • Retrieve marketing data (engagement rate, number of campaigns…)
  • Send in Teams a message with the commercial information (number of sales, prospects, order…)

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