Microsoft Azure AD

Azure AD is the reference tool from Microsoft to manage your company’s Active Directory. It allows you to manage your company’s user accounts, and in particular the management of their security (password)!

Connect your chatbot to Microsoft Azure AD

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For employees, access to business applications should be a matter of a few clicks, or even no clicks at all. With a single login, a single password, you want to have access to all applications.

But internally the task is not always so easy. The larger and more historic the company, the greater the number of applications available and the more varied the connection systems. In this context it is sometimes complicated to offer modern and integrated identification experiences.

Fortunately the lucky ones among you have Microsoft’s Azure AD: “the enterprise identity service that provides single sign-on and multi-factor authentication that helps you protect your users from 99.9% of cybersecurity attacks.”

In other words, Azure AD is a tool in the cloud (if you are an Office 365 customer, chances are you also have Azure AD) that allows IT departments to offer employees a unified login experience (one account for all your applications) and secure (especially via two-factor logins, when you are sent an SMS to validate that it is you).

Using Azure AD is generally transparent to end users. Naturally, they enter their passwords less and less to access applications.

But the problem is: the less you enter your password, the less you remember it…

This generates two problems:

  1. Creation of avoidable tickets for IT support. Connection problems are the cause of 20 to 30% of the tickets created at IT support. These tickets are processed manually.
  2. While the ticket is being processed manually, there is literally nothing your employee can do. He gets angry and produces nothing.

Oddly enough, Microsoft still does not offer a sufficiently ergonomic or accessible Azure AD password reset interface. Here is the available page…

But fortunately Vizier is there! We have developed a direct connector that allows your chatbot to reset the password of your employees in a secure and automated way. This functionality alone makes the implementation of a chatbot at Vizir profitable. But fortunately, we can do much more: create a user, modify his rights, delete him, etc…

Integrate your chatbot with Microsoft Azure AD

Discover the different possible integrations with your chatbot

Connecting a chatbot to your Azure AD allows, as we have seen, your employees to reset their account live from their favorite messaging tool.

While the use case may seem simple, it is nonetheless very profitable. On average, 20 to 30% of IT support incidents are related to connection problems.

In addition to being frustrating, it undermines the productivity of the company…

Beyond password reset, Vizir will allow you to perform various very useful actions in Azure AD.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with a chatbot integrated with Azure AD:
  • Secure the use of your chatbot with authentication through Azure AD
  • Automate the reset of a password forgotten by your employee, automate the periodic reset of a password
  • Create an AD account and all associated accounts for a newcomer
  • Permanently delete the account of a person who leaves the company

Popular action with Microsoft Azure AD

Find the most frequent actions to perform from your Vizir chatbot on Microsoft Azure AD

The available API POST actions
  • Reset a password securely
  • Modify the rights of a user
  • Create or delete a user
  • Secure access to the chatbot via SSO
Available GET API searches
  • Find a user
  • Find a data about a user (name, first name, job code, position,…)

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