Micro Focus

Micro Focus is a leading tool in the ITSM market. It allows to manage ticketing, knowledge bases, etc…

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Discover the power of a chatbot integrated into Micro Focus

Micro Focus is one of the most widely used ITSM solutions in the world.

In particular, the software known as “SMAX” (Service Management Automation X) is based on machine learning to meet the needs of service desk and IT service management.

With this tool, Micro Focus proposes to relieve the pressure on service desk agents, simplify the operation of the service desk and reduce the overall cost of ITSM by managing numerous company services and IT assets.

As a mastodon of ITSM, it is difficult to want to replace this tool or to start a project to further simplify its use. This is the advantage of using a Vizir chatbot: streamline the creation and qualification of tickets, use your knowledge base regardless of its support (on Micro Focus, Sharepoint, Drive…). Bring out the best in all your tools without changing them!

Integrate your chatbot with Microfocus

Discover the different possible integrations between Microfocus and Vizir

In one sentence, your user can: create a ticket, know the status of the ticket, its list of tickets and attached documents (e.g. screenshots).

An intuitive UI to create, track and edit tickets. No need for training to use Microfocus, the chatbot allows you to create a ticket directly in your ITSM by talking to the chatbot

Is your knowledge base in Microfocus? Our chatbot is able to retrieve the information as well as sort it by: Instance, Collection or Documents.

A No-Code platform that will allow your agents, whatever their background, to modify and improve the chatbot. It is extremely easy to add questions, help your users to better describe their problems, allow to insert screenshots…

Get quality data to make your reports and categorize your tickets.

Integrate your Microfocus chatbot with your other tools: your HRIS, CRM, Office 365, Azure AD…

Popular action with Microfocus

Find the most frequent actions to perform from your chatbot Vizir on Microfocus

The available API POST actions
  • Create a ticket
  • Modify a ticket
  • Move a ticket to the next phase
  • Close a ticket
  • Approve a ticket
  • Reject a ticket
  • Create and modify a resource collection
  • Create and modify a Single Resource
  • Create and modify a collection resource attached to a ticket
  • Create and modify a single resource attached to a ticket
GET API searches
  • Search for a collection resource
  • Search for a ticket by user
  • Search for a single resource
  • Search for a ticket by date
  • Search for a ticket by status

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