IWS Isilog

Isilog’s IWS is a global solution for managing internal company processes. Its modern interface allows you to digitalize your ITSM!

Connect your chatbot to IWS Isilog

Discover the power of a chatbot integrated to IWS Isilog

IWS Isilog is one of the French leaders in business process digitalization for companies. This software, available as SaaS or On Premise, allows IT departments to automate user requests, manage their hardware inventory, and much more. It is a complete suite, perfectly adapted to ITSM. It differs from its competitors by its simplicity of use. And that’s good, we share this same philosophy at Vizir! For example, your IT team can:
  • create complex workflows from a simple decision tree interface
  • create a catalog of services
  • create and make available your document base (FAQ, procedures, …)
  • offer self service interfaces, with a no code creation interface!
  • create business applications from scratch, without a line of code
It is therefore logical that IWS Isilog has been adopted by prestigious customers, both corporate (Derichebourg, LCL, Axians) and public (Family Allowances, OPCO, the Nantes Hospital or the Toulouse City Council). It is therefore quite natural that we have developed an API connector dedicated to IWS Isilog!

Integrate your chatbot with IWS Isilog

Discover the different possible integrations between IWS Isilog and Vizir
ITSM chatbots are our pet peeve at Vizir!
And it’s a good thing, IWS Isilog allows us to do a lot of things with its API!
The interest of creating a chatbot connected to Isilog lies mainly in the ability to make accessible in natural language, directly from your internal messaging application (after the Covid you will certainly be on Teams or Google Chat), everything your users could do on Isilog, cumulated with quite a lot of other contents and automations.
The number one objective of IT departments: to make employees more autonomous and avoid unnecessary tickets!
In short, your collaborators will be able, from Teams or Google Chat :
  1. create tickets
  2. consult the status of their tickets
  3. find an answer to their question, whether the documentation is in IWS Isilog, Sharepoint, or any other internal document database (you unify your doc!)
  4. Solve a problem independently using self-care procedures
  5. automate certain tasks: password resets, account creation, VPN activation, wifi guest access, etc.

All these features are already available, without a single line of code, thanks to the integration of Vizir with IWS Isilog!

Popular action with IWS Isilog

Find the most frequent actions to perform from your chatbot Vizir on IWS Isilog

The available API POST actions
  • Create a ticket
  • Attach a document to a ticket
  • Create an employee
  • Modify an employee
  • Resume a ticket
GET API searches
  • View a ticket
  • View a list of employees
  • See a list of tickets
  • See the justification of a ticket (comment)
  • See a list of questions
  • See a list of questions with answers
  • See a list of problems
  • See a list of known errors
  • See a known error

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