Hubspot is mainly known to be a CRM (customer management). But it goes much further than that by managing all your digital marketing needs (blog, SEO, marketing automation, …).

Connect your chatbot to Hubspot

Discover the power of a chatbot integrated to your CRM Hubspot

Hubspot is therefore a top gun CRM on the market. It’s one of the favorite tools of salespeople, in competition with Salesforce or Pipedrive.

To make no secret of the fact, it’s our basic tool at Vizir for everything related to sales and marketing management.

If you ever contact us because you’re interested in our techno, your contact will be registered in Hubspot and a transaction will be attached to it. As we talk, notes will be taken and tasks will be assigned to members of our team.

The goal is simple: to offer you the best buying experience on the market!


So why connect a chatbot with your CRM?

We use this integration every day. Vizir chatbots allow you to create contacts in Hubspot, receive notifications in Slack (or Teams depending) on actions not to be forgotten (send you documentation, remind you, send you an email, etc…).

Nicolas for example (our head salesman), before each first appointment will send you a chatbot to better understand your expectations during our e-rencontre. The answers you will give will fall directly into your Hubspot file!

Go to the integrations section to see in more detail what you can do.

Available integrations between your chatbot and Hubspot

Discover the different possible integrations between Hubspot and Vizir

Integrations between Vizir and Hubspot are simple but effective:

  • Create items in Husbspot (contacts, transactions, comments, …)
  • Search among Hubspot items (contacts, transactions etc…)


You can use these integrations to automate and improve your business processes (as we do).

  • Here are a few examples:
    Add a chatbot on your site to qualify leads that will be registered in Hubspot.
  • Propose a chat module on your website
  • Send a prospect qualification of needs before your appointments and insert the information in the Hubspot file of the customer
  • Search in natural language in your Hubspot database (how many leads this week, etc…)

Popular actions with Hubspot

Find the most frequent actions to perform from your chatbot Vizir on Hubspot

POST API actions available on Hubspot
  1. Create a contact
  2. Modify a contact from his email
  3. Create a transaction
  4. Create a task in a transaction
  5. Add a comment to a contact
  6. Create a task in a contact
GET API searches available on Hubspot
  1. Retrieve the list of pipelines
  2. Find a contact
  3. Find a contact via email
  4. Find a transaction

Other CRM apps connected with Vizir

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