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Google Sheets is a collaborative spreadsheet available online. Create schedules, product databases or financial statements!

Connect your chatbot to Google Sheets

Discover the power of a chatbot integrated with Google Sheets

Spreadsheets are the central tool of computing. Since the dawn of time, people have been trying to store data in a structured way to know the history of wheat harvests, the number of heads in a herd or to calculate the size of a plot of land.

Computers are nothing more than very powerful calculating machines. The ancestor of your PC is a hole card machine, invented by IBM in the early 20th century to help the U.S. government take an accurate measure of immigration at Ellis Island.

The current evolution of these systems are Excel files, Sheets or otherwise known as spreadsheets. Describing their uses is almost mission impossible as these uses are so infinite.

The most classical use is of course the calculation and the follow-up of data. For example, you can use Google Sheets to track your budget, make a business plan, make statistics and any kind of forecasting calculations you want. Google Sheets not only allows you to draw the boxes for a long-term forecast without any effort, but it also allows you to create updated charts in real time.

But you can also use Google Sheets to create a repository of your available products, to know their stock and prices and any type of information you need.

Integrate your chatbot with Google Sheets

Discover the different possible integrations between Google Sheets and Vizir

Integrating a chatbot with a Google Sheets file will allow you to talk to it in natural language, in every sense of the word.

In the first place, you can for example find the status of an invoice, the delivery time of a product or the turnover of your business unit over the last month.

You can also update your excel directly from the chatbot. The status of an invoice has changed and you want to be able to make that change directly from Slack or Microsoft Teams? That’s what the chatbot is for.

Finally, connecting your chatbot to Google Sheets can allow you to generate very accurate data from your conversations. For example, you can create a chatbot that takes care of taking registrations for an event. With each new entry the chatbot will add a line in the Google Sheets.

Here are some ideas for integrating a chatbot with Google Sheets:
  • Make an event registration chatbot, save contact information in a Google Sheets.
  • Publish a job application chatbot, register candidates by creating a row in a Google Sheets.
  • Search for a technical characteristic of a product, its availability or its delivery time. Change any of its features from the chatbot.
  • Check the status of an invoice, know the payment date and declare an invoice as paid.
  • Know in real time the performance of your sales team over a given period.

Documentation to connect Vizir and Google Sheets

Our experts explain everything

Search for data in Google Sheets

Your chatbot will search in the structured data of a table (Google Sheets) from another data collected in the conversation (e.g.: “Has the invoice FAC003 been paid?”)

Add a row to a Google Sheet

Tutorial for adding an email, name and occupation to a Google sheet

Change the value of a Google Sheet cell

Tutorial to update the values of a Google Sheet cell

Import an FAQ from an Excel file

Create your FAQ in a simple Excel file and import it into Vizir. Your chatbot is created by magic

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