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It is possible to send notifications via your Google Chrome browser

Connect your chatbot to Google Chrome

Discover the power of a chatbot connected to Google Chrome

Let’s start by introducing Google Chrome: it is the most used search engine in France with 59.44% of the market. (For information the other browsers are 16.24% for Firefox and 12.37% for Safari. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are far behind with 8.75% in total – source ). If you are reading this page, it is impossible not to know!

Surely you must be annoyed with news websites that ask for your consent to send you push notifications? Notifications that quickly become untimely and undesirable if badly defined.

At Vizir, we decided to take advantage of this technology for your comfort!

Integrate your chatbot with Google Chrome

Discover the different possible integrations between Google Chrome and Vizir

The integration with Google Chrome mainly allows you to receive notifications in your browser for any event you define in the chatbot.

In a very rough way, here is what can be done:

  • Receive a notification for a live chat request
  • Receive a notification for each new lead generated
  • Receive a notification for each new message received

Documentation to connect Vizir and Google Chrome

Our experts explain everything

Vizir has pre-designed a workflow to activate a notification according to the parameters you have defined. It will take you 6 minutes!

  1. Create an Action skill
  2. Set the conditions to activate the workflow. When the user clicks on “Validate”, if the chatbot has not understood 3 times in a row, if the user asks to “Know the price” …
  3. Connect this skill with a new workflow
  4. Set up this workflow by clicking on the “Chrome Notification” icon and fill in the notification messages.

We highly recommend watching the tutorial video.

And to see the written procedure, go directly here.

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