Google Calendar

Google’s flagship tool to manage your calendar. Plan your appointments and events easily with Google Calendar.

Connect your chatbot to Google Calendar

Discover the power of a chatbot integrated to Google Calendar

Google Calendar, is a tool for managing your calendar. No more forgotten appointments because you didn’t have your (paper) agenda on you. Offered for free with your gmail address, Google Calendar has quickly become a must in everyday life: pro and personal.

  • Synchronize your calendar whether it is on your phone, computer or tablet.
  • Invite employees to a meeting
    Separate your professional and personal agenda
  • Create appointments by periodicity: every day, every Monday, once every two weeks, every month, every year…
  • Change (and play) with the colors of the events
  • Plan objectives, time slots for a specific task
  • Share your agenda with your team (no more 50 emails to find a date).
  • Overlay your agendas to find a free slot (at a glance you can already see the available slots).

Google is much more than an online calendar: it is a real productivity tool!

Let’s discover what you can do with a Chatbot and Google Calendar!

Integrate your chatbot with Google Calendar

Discover the different possible integrations between Google Calendar and Vizir

As simple as it may be to understand the benefits of Google Calendar for your own use, but in a chatbot what could be the cases of use?

The chatbot is used for support service, two options:
  • the chatbot is used for selfcare (your customer can directly make changes without consulting you). You = your customer
    the chatbot is a productivity tool for your technicians/advisors (so they can make changes in one sentence in the chatbot). You = your technicians/advisors
  • You can consult the agenda of the technicians in the vicinity (it is possible to limit the visibility according to your needs. For example: at d+7, d+30 …)
  • You can create via chatbot an appointment with a technician.
  • Consult which technician will be present during the appointment, consult his contact information
  • Verify and modify the place or time of an appointment
  • Cancel an appointment because the problem was finally resolved without customer support intervention.
Chatbot allows lead generation (for example on Messenger):
  • Propose to schedule the demo of your product and create an event in your calendar.
    See who will be present at an event
  • Register/Participate in an event and receive a Google Calendar invitation in your mailbox.
  • Make a restaurant reservation and receive a Google Calendar invitation
  • See the professional events of next week, next Saturday, tonight …
You use Google Calendar to manage your rooms:
  • See the free slots of the meeting rooms
  • See who booked the room
  • Delete your room reservation
  • Make a room reservation

Popular actions with Google Calendar

Find the most frequent actions to perform from your Vizir chatbot on Google Calendar

POST API actions available on Google
  • Calendar
  • Create an event
  • Delete an event
  • Modify the date of an event
  • Change the time of an event
  • Modify the content of an event
  • Add a participant to an event
  • Delete an event participant
GET API searches available on Google Calendar
  • See a full agenda
    View an agenda for a given period (day, week, month…)
  • See the participants of an event
  • See the content of an event