GLPI is a service management tool, particularly ITSM, based on open source technologies. Used by many large groups, it allows them to digitize and streamline the management of IT incidents and service requests.

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Discover the power of a chatbot integrated to GLPI

GLPI is a tool for managing computer tickets (incidents, service requests, etc. …) which has the particularity of being open source!

Published by Teclib Group, a French company that puts responsible innovation at the heart of its values, GLPI has become one of the challengers of the ITSM market in a few years, facing behemoths such as ServiceNow, EasyVista or Jira Service Desk from Atlassian. Indeed, these two aspects (open source and French) have enabled it to establish itself in companies such as La Poste, Airbus, Vinci, Bolloré and La Redoute, but also in prestigious public organizations such as the Conseil d’Etat, Inria, the University of Paris 1 Panthéon la Sorbonne or the National Police.

Despite its old school videos (as you may have noticed above), the features GLPI has nothing to envy to its peers: ITIL v2 compatible service center (bravo), asset management, quality control, software inventory and license management, knowledge base and online FAQ, statistics and real-time reports, etc… This tool allows you to manage all your IT processes, however complex they may be.

If you want to switch your ITSM to GLPI, you have several options. If you’re an IT Ninja Warrior who doesn’t mess around with data security, you’ll probably opt for the open source option to install on your servers alone. If you have no time to waste and are looking for maximum efficiency, you will probably opt for the all-inclusive Cloud option. These choices are perfectly summarized on the homepage of GLPI. All you have to do is decide!

With over 22,000 commits on Github, you can rest easy about the reliability and updateability of the tool. An update is pushed online every day according to the history on the Github page.

And fortunately, Vizir interfaces easily with GLPI so you can create top chatbots!

Integrate your chatbot to GLPI

Discover the different possible integrations between GLPI and Vizir

If you have (or will) opt for GLPI, it is because you want to fluidify your internal IT processes. And we congratulate you for it.

If you are precisely on this page, it is because you are curious about the interest of implementing a chatbot to digitalize or fluidify your IT support. Your ITSM tool allows you to better manage requests, reduce processing time and improve tracking. But it does not reduce the number of tickets processed (it may even increase them) nor does it offer real-time and continuous support.

Creating and interfacing a chatbot to GLPI will allow you to deal with these last two points.

Here are some ideas of how you could interface a chatbot with GLPI:
  • Qualify incidents and distribute them to the right team according to the subject and the urgency
  • Perform searches in the GLPI document base directly from the chatbot hosted on Teams or Hangout (or any other medium)
  • Limit the number of tickets by pushing autonomous resolution for level 0 or level 1 incidents. A ticket can be created via the chatbot if the problem persists.
  • Easily create a ticket, check its status, modify a request in one sentence. Save time and experience for your employee
  • Create a seamless experience by pushing the automation of certain actions: password reset, creation of a guest Wifi access.

Popular action with GLPI

Find the most frequent actions to perform from your chatbot Vizir on GLPI

The available API POST actions
  • Create and qualify an incident
  • Trigger a material request
  • Create an item
  • Update an item
  • Delete an item
  • Open a user session
  • Close a user session
  • Create a user
GET API searches
  • View my current tickets / requests
  • Follow up on overdue tickets / requests
  • Search for information in the GLPI knowledge base
  • Retrieve a list of tickets/items according to the criteria of your choice (by user, by date, by material or associated entity…)
  • Retrieve a list of users according to the criteria of your choice
  • Retrieve information from a list of entities according to the criteria of your choice

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