Install a chatbot connected to your GLPI

Install Vizir so that your collaborators can easily interact with GLPI without even having to leave your internal company email!

GLPI x Vizier

Install your chatbot on
Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Cisco Webex, Slack and more

Secure installation

Install your chatbot with a pre-configured GLPI template in 2 clicks

GLPI is the ITSM software most used by our customers. As an open source software, it is easy to understand why. We have developed a partnership with GLPI Network, refined our native API connector and made available on Vizir a ready-to-use GLPI bot template!

GLPI actions

native connection

Retrieve perfectly qualified tickets in GLPI from your corporate email system

Define the information you want to retrieve in your tickets on the Vizir dashboard: our native connector with the ITSM GLPI takes care of the rest… Your employees don’t even have to get used to a new interface: they just have to chat with the bot in a natural way and it will take care of the ticket creation.


Streamline your entire media

The Vizier chatbot answers the questions it masters to instantly unlock the person. If needed, it creates a ticket with the right information consolidated in your GLPI, and sends it to the right support managers. If this is not enough, it can leave the hand to a human in live or trigger dozens of workflows such as making an appointment directly in a technician’s calendar, ordering equipment, etc.