Excel is Microsoft’s spreadsheet par excellence. It can be used via an application on your computer, or online via Microsoft 365.

Connect your chatbot to Excel

Discover the power of a chatbot integrated to Excel

Excel is THE spreadsheet software of reference!

In the business world it is impossible to miss it. Used first (and foremost) to make advanced calculations, (we all have in mind the famous pivot tables). It is now a popular choice for as many uses as there are spreadsheets: project follow-up, vacation planning, data organization, supplier referencing, mass emailing (via plugins). So many uses that have nothing to do with calculation.

You will find Excel in two Microsoft programs: the office suite Microsoft Office 2019 or Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription based mainly on the cloud. This is essential to connect the chatbot with your Excel file: the file must be in the cloud (OneDrive or Sharepoint).

The other advantage of being in the Cloud is the ability to create collaborative (and interactive) files. No need to download, modify and upload (resubmit) your file to be read by others.

The advantage of creating a file in Excel rather than Word (text editor) is that you have access to classified information and it is therefore much easier to retrieve the right information.

So why connect a chatbot to an Excel sheet?
  • To retrieve organized information (the status of an invoice, an order, a ticket, comments on a customer or supplier)
  • Add information (an email, a phone number, an incident, an order, a vacation request …)
  • Modify information (change an invoice from “pending” to “paid”, from “pending” to “validated” leave)
  • Store information: in an already organized file that can be easily integrated into your software under csv.
  • Control the quality of the information: before injecting it into another software. To be able to identify errors and mistakes.

You will find in the Integrations tab to see the possible use case studies.

Integrate your chatbot to Excel

Discover the different possible integrations between Excel and Vizir

In a very rough way, here’s what can be done:

  • Add a sheet
  • Add a line
  • Copy an Excel file
  • Delete a line
  • Change the color of a cell
  • Read a cell
  • Read a column
  • Read a line
  • Read several lines according to conditions
  • Rename a spreadsheet
  • Writing in a cell
  • Write in several lines according to conditions

Excel in the cloud is interesting to work in a centralized and collaborative way: read, modify, store, check, etc.

This is particularly interesting when information is changing (a new decree with regular updates, order tracking, the release of a new tool/product, a change of organization that brings new procedures…). Having an excel will centralize the information: your collaborators as well as the chatbot will use the same information to answer questions. The chatbot will query the corresponding cell and bring the information directly into the conversation. In terms of computer resources used it is more energy consuming and a bit slower than putting the information in the chatbot.

We hope this has given you some ideas. But if not, here are our clients’ use cases:
  • Bringing up a financial data
  • Add a mail in Excel
  • Read the information in a FAQ filled in by  Excel
  • Update project tracking in Excel

Popular actions with Excel

Find the most frequent actions to perform from your Vizir chatbot on Excel

The POST API actions available on Excel:
  • Add a sheet
  • Add a row
  • Add a column
  • Write or update a cell
  • Write or update a line
  • Write or update a column
  • Write or update a selection of cells
  • Copy a spreadsheet
  • Change the color of a cell, row or column
  • Delete a line
  • Delete a cell
  • Delete a column
GET API searches available on Excel:
  • Read a cell
  • Read a column
  • Read a line
  • Read a selection of cells

Documentation for connecting Vizir and Excel

Our experts explain everything to you


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