Install your chatbot on Cisco Webex

Take hybrid working further by installing chatbots on Cisco Webex to answer recurring questions and automate processes.

As a colleague

Exchange with your chatbot as with a colleague

Install your chatbot in Cisco Webex and allow your teams to talk to your chatbot as easily as talking to a colleague. Your chatbot is displayed in the list of available users, and can participate in group discussions.

The real companion

Send push messages on Cisco Webex, read more than 90% of the time

A chatbot installed in Cisco Webex can send push notifications to your employees. Use this opportunity to communicate important messages and train your colleagues on your tools and processes.

Test a webex bot for free

Install our chatbot Vizir ITSM Bot
to validate your chatbot project

Nothing better than seeing for yourself. Click below to book a personalized demo, or install our Vizir ITSM Bot demo chatbot on your Cisco Webex space.

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