Avature markets software (SaaS) for human capital management.

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Integrate your chatbot with Avature

Discover the different possible integrations between Avature and Vizir

Better qualified tickets without additional training: via a Teams chatbot, a user will be able to create a ticket, see the progress of his requests, modify a description, add screenshots.

Leverage the best of your different knowledge bases: Ivanti, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Lotus, Sway … The chatbot will be able to retrieve the right resource regardless of its format.

Reduce your number of tickets: first propose a procedure for autonomous resolution. If your user encounters a problem, the chatbot is able to create a pre-filled ticket with the identified sticking points.

Automated resolution: password reset, IP recovery.

Onboarding, transfer and offboarding in an automated way: creation of authorizations and management of rights, creation of a virtual environment, assignment of material according to the position and interaction with other software: HRIS, CRM, request for mutual insurance, access badge.

Popular action with Ivanti

Find the most frequent actions to perform from your chatbot Vizir on Ivanti

The available API POST actions
  • Create/Modify/Delete an agent
  • Add, modify or remove an agent from a machine
  • Add, modify or delete an agent from a “Group Policies”.
  • Add, modify or delete tasks to an agent
  • Create, delete, modify credentials
  • Create, modify, delete a machine group
  • Create, modify or delete an IP Range according to a machine group
  • Delete a current operation
  • Launch, modify or delete the deployment of a patch
GET API searches
  • Retrieve information from an agent
  • Retrieve information from a list of agents according to criteria
  • Retrieve the tasks assigned to an agent
  • Retrieve tasks assigned to a group of agents
  • Retrieve a list of asset scans according to criteria
  • Retrieve a list of credentials according to criteria (user, session, clear or encrypted ..)
  • Retrieve information on a list of servers according to criteria
  • Retrieve information on a list of IPs according to criteria (by service, by userid etc)
  • Retrieve information from Machine Group

Other HR applications connected to Vizir

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