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Offer 5-star support with AI-enabled chatbots. No coding required. In a few days .

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FAQ bots

Let your chatbot answer recurring questions

Vizir allows you to answer recurring questions from your employees and users, thanks to a chatbot capable of understanding natural language.

ops bot

Process complex requests faster with API connectors

Let your chatbot answer recurring questions of your employees thanks to natural language understanding.


Send messages that get a 90% open rate

No one reads emails anymore! It’s time to share your messages with the power of your chatbot. Your chatbot can notify your colleagues directly in Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Cisco Webex, Slack, and more.

Install your chatbot on
Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Cisco Webex, Slack and more

Deploy your chatbot on your internal instant messenger, on your website, on your intranet or on your social network pages. 

Launch your chatbot
without any resources

Write the content of your
50 most recurring topics
Your team does not have time to build a chatbot. Thanks to our technology and our chatbot experts, you don't have to do anything.
Connect the chatbot to your request and incident management tool
Vizir is natively integrated into more than 50 business applications. Securely connect your chatbot to your favorite tool, without a single line of code.
Install your chatbot on your instant messaging enterprise app, intranet or website
Vizir is natively integrated with Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Cisco Webex, Slack, Microsoft Sharepoint, Lumapps, and more. You can also install it in two clicks on your website!

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