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Vizir allows you to create an innovative chatbot in only 4 weeks,
with limited internal resources and budget.
Our tech built for the most demanding companies by
terms of safety allows us to take the innovation highway

Our contents to create your chatbot innovation

When you’re a young startup in France, you often work with the innovation teams of large groups. Often the relationships are complicated: lack of budget, no sponsor, no access to APIs, few resources available. These are all reasons that limit innovation projects, even though we would like to see them all go through! We built our no-code chatbots creation techno precisely to remove all these brakes, and unleash the innovation potential of your company.

Innovation in the long run

Create a chatbot with a limited budget

The first problem for innovation teams is finding a budget. You have lots of good ideas, but it's often the business management that pays 😿

So you spend more time explaining the benefits of chatbots rather than actually making them. In short, you are wasting time.

We have revised our rates to fit into the innovation budgets: fixed rate, all inclusive, without commitment, and that does not change from POC to prod.

no-code is here

Prove the value of the chatbot in a very short time

The other major problem for innovation teams is time. You have to prove that a sometimes very complex techno can give sick results in record time.

It seems impossible, but impossible is not Vizier!

We are aiming to go into production within 4 weeks. No one on the market is that fast.

from POC to production, no seemlessly

Put your chatbot in prod at no extra cost

In addition to being fast, Vizir is super powerful and ultra secure.

So much so that in only 4 weeks you will have a chatbot that will not only convince everyone that it needs to be extended, but above all that there will be no additional cost to put it into production.


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